Safety, Training & Compliance


Our formal safety and training programs are significantly above industry standard, constantly updated, and, most importantly, well documented. They provide building owners with the peace of mind that all services will be done in a safe and compliant manner that protects our workers’ health and our clients’ liability.

Safety, training and compliance take center stage when window cleaners are working several stories above the sidewalk. Because the very nature of professional window cleaning requires the contractor to bring equipment to a building, our overall objective is to ensure that the safety of our clients and their property is held to the same utmost importance as that of our personnel.

When a Contractor is hired, there needs to be an understanding of the safety requirements they instill. The PA Compensation Rating Bureau sets ratings for every job classification in the State.  These ratings, specifically the Experience Modification Rating, are a good indicator of a company's commitment to safety.

LWC City Inc. is proud to announce that we have one of the best rates in the region for our industry.  In fact, we have had the best rate vs. our competition for over five years.

What does that mean to you?  It is a true indicator of our commitment to our employees and our clients!